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We proudly present out new Flagship Oscilloscope SDS7000A, 12bit, up to 4GHz

SDS7000A Series Oscilloscope



Product Overview


SDS7000A series Digital Storage Oscilloscopes are available in bandwidths of 4 GHz and 3 GHz, have 12-bit ADCs with sample rate up to 20 GSa/s, maximum record length of 1Gpts/ch, and display up to 4 analog channels + 16 digital channels for hgh performance mixed signal analysis.

The SDS7000A  series employs Siglents SPO technology with a…

New!!! SSG6000A RF Signal Generator

We are proud to present our new high performance RF-Signal Generator Series SSG6000A!


EMCview PC software for EMC pre-compliance testing

SPS - neues Stoßspannungsprüfgerät ST6600B

Nachfolger vom ST1800B

GW Instek Announces the New PEL-5000G Series High Power DC Electronic Load

GW Instek PEL-5000G series single-channel electronic load provides 150V/ 600V/ 1200V models with a power range of 4kW~6kW. PEL-5000G has a total of 9 models featuring different combinations of power, voltage, and current. It can test and verify the specifications of batteries, electric vehicle chargers/charging stations and electric vehicle batteries. PEL-5000G supports parallel connection for…

GW Instek Unveils The New PSW-Multi Channel programmable switching DC power supply

GW Instek, a professional T&M instrument manufacturer, announced the launch of the new PSW-Multi Series two-channel/three-channel programmable switching DC power supply on June 19, 2023 to augment the PSW-Series with these extended models.


In addition to inheriting the excellent functions of PSW, PSW-Multi has augumented three new features (MMA for short). MMA is the English abbreviation of…

SIGLENT presents its first handheld spectrum analyzer & vector network analyzer: The SHA850A series.

The expanding application of RF microwave technologies has increased the demand for field test requirements in mobile communication and wireless connectivity. The explosion of related industries such as 5G and IoT have created an extremely complicated electronic measurement environment. These demands and environments are increasingly shifting from laboratories and workstations to on site and…

Tabor Elektronics

The New LSX-Series of Signal Generators

Preen - neue AVP- Serie

AFV-P series Takes a Great Leap Forward with Major Upgrade


SPS erweitert sein Relaisportfolio mit dem neuen Hochspannungsrelais RL 20


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