NEU - SHN900A Series Portable Vector Network Analyzer

Product Overview

SHN900A series portable vector network analyzer with frequency up to 26.5GHz, integrates vector network analysis, time domain analysis, spectrum analysis, cable and antenna analysis (standard) and other functions. It is specially designed for portable and flexible testing, and can be widely used in field testing, R&D, production, maintenance and communication, antenna base station, materials, automotive electronics and many other fields.

SHN900A pursues the ultimate portability and operation convenience in design, and provides flexible and simple operation methods. With 8.4-inch large touch screen and compact body, engineers can quickly add or delete windows, channels and traces, and the test results are clear at a glance. SHN900A comes standard with GPS function, which can provide geographical position when measuring. The standard bias tee can provide DC bias for external measured objects conveniently. SHN900A is designed with high integration, the whole machine weighs is less than 3.2kg and the size is 310 mm × 215 mm × 78.5 mm. And it powered by Li-ion batteries with a battery life of up to 4 hours, which is more suitable for complex environments such as outdoor, narrow space and aerial work.




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