PV Panel testing - 1.2/50us Surge generator as per IEC/EN 61730 The surge generator type vsurge NX20 is specifically designed to generate high voltage transients as required by IEC/EN 61730-2: Ed 2.0 (2016) for safety testing of photo voltaic panels. The specified waveshape of 1.2/50us must be generated and maintained as specified across a broad range of capacitance the PV's do represent. Such generator needs to be based on different pulse shaping networks to cope with the variable capacitive load of the panels depending on their size and design.

  • Surge voltage up to 20 kV
  • 11 different capacitance ranges selectable from 20 nF to 170 nF
  • Compliant to IEC/EN 61730-1/2
  • Peak voltage and peak current measurement
  • Automatic detection of selected load range and polarity
  • Interlock and Warning lamp control
  • Manual operation
  • USB (optical link) and Ethernet interface

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Voltage Surge (1.2/50 us)
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