Teseq RFB 6000A

RF- switching Matrix

  • Freely configurable main frame for up to 10 RF switches
  • Optical remote control for system integration
  • Touch panel for manual operation and system integration
  • Connectors for up to 8 power meters and TTL control port e.g. for power amplifiers

The RF switch network can be configured to switch RF signals in a wide range of automatic test systems.
Various switch configurations are available, connecting one input to either two or six outputs. The 3HU main frame consists of a power supply and remote interface and can accept any combination of plug-in
modules up to the maximum dimension of the main frame. In addition up to 8 power meters can be connected to measure the forward power close to the antenna, e.g. in a separate amplifier room. A control signal port (User port) allows switching of amplifiers and other functions. Each switch as well as the additional functions can be individually controlled through the front panel touch screen, e.g. for installation and maintenance  purpose. An USB to serial / optical converter with 20 m optical cable allows always a safe and secure remote control of the device, also in a noisy and electromagnetically disturbed environment. All RF switches are high quality with an operating lifetime of at least one million operations. While able to pass high power levels, they are designed to switch only during absence of RF power.

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