Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The arbitrary generator ARB 5500 fits in the controller of the NSG 5500 and, together with AutoStar™ 7, provides the necessary control for battery and all battery simulation events, as well as advanced functions like power magnetics and continuous wave (ripple) simulations. This means that with the addition of some transient modules and a dropout switch, nearly all every-day requirements can fi t in one 19” generator. The controller converts user input into algorithms for the ARB (arbitrary generator) which creates a model of the requirement in its own memory and then generates the analog signal for the selected battery simulator during the test run. All the requisite waveforms can be created from the built-in wave shapes or by loading a Clone™, e.g. a memory map of user-defi ned or pre-recorded wave shapes from an external application. The ARB also supports waveforms that may be diffi cult to describe or real-world events that need to be simulated. Therefore, AutoStar supports input any external application that can be output to .CSV format.

  • Fits in a NSG 5500 for nearly all requirements in one 19” rack
  • 16 bit resolution, 10 MS/s, DC to 500 kHz
  • Up to 8 synchronized ARB channels
  • Autostar 7 adds advanced ramping, drag-n-drop, WYSIWYG features

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