TEM Cell for Emissions and Immunity Testing

  • TEM cell meets ISO 11452-3 and CISPR 25

  • EMC tests for vehicle components immunity to RF fields

  • 300 mm septum height

  • Up to 1 kW input power

  • Access for field probes from the top of the cell

The transversal electromagnetic mode which can developed in the DTEM cell, provides the opportunity for doing EMC testing inside the cell. In principle, the DTEM cell is a coaxial line expanding rectangularly and with planar septum. The geometrical dimensions having a line impedance of Z = 50 Ω. At the end, the line is matched by a 50 Ω termination. Typical for this cell is the low power request for high field strength values.
The useable test volume is in relation to the application and required accuracy. Different EUT sizes may be possible in general. The area with the homogeneous field distribution is always in the middle of the upper and lower half of the DTEM.


Parameter Value
Height of the septum

300 mm

Frequency range

DC to 400 MHz

Max. input power

1 kW

Impedance (RF ports)

50 Ω

Connector type (RF ports)

N (female)


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