The TBL50100-1 50µH is a single channel 50 Ω // 50 µH LISN for the frequency range 150 kHz – 30 MHz according to CISPR 16-1-2.

In addition to conducted noise measurements on AC or DC supplied equipment, the LISN can be used to establish a defined impedance for a variety of other standardized tests.

The LISN is inserted into the supply line of the EUT (Device Under Test). Conducted noise, which is present at the supply terminals of the EUT can be measured at the BNC connector using a spectrum analyzer or a measurement receiver. The SOURCE (supply) terminal and the EUT terminal are decoupled by a 50 µH inductor.

DC or single-phase measurements typically require a pair of TBL50100-1. In conjunction with the Tekbox LISNMate common mode noise and differential mode noise can be measured separately. EUTs with 3-phase supply require three or four pieces of TBL50100-1, depending on whether the product is connected in delta or star configuration.

The product includes a BNC-male to N-male RG232 cable, mating connectors for SOURCE and EUT and an individual calibration protocol.

  • LISN type: V-AMN, 50 Ω // 50 µH; no 250 µH pre-filter
  • Specified frequency range: 150 kHz – 30 MHz
  • Characterized frequency range: 9 kHz -100 MHz
  • DC Resistance: < 45 mΩ
  • Maximum current: 70 A continuous, 100A for 10 minutes; see heat up characteristics plot
  • Operating voltage range: 0 – 250V DC; 0 – 250V AC (50/60 Hz)
  • High current plug / screw terminals; male: Phoenix Contact 1762741, female: Phoenix Contact 1762592
  • RF connector: BNC female
  • Dimensions: 350 mm x 230 mm x 230 mm
  • Weight: 5.3 kg

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