TBL05100-1 - 5µH Line Impedance Stabilisation Network

The TBL05100-1 is a universal 5µH LISN that meets the requirements of several standards. The TBL05100 is factory jumpered to 50Ω // 5µH + 1Ω, fulfilling the CISPR 16-1-2 and CISPR 25 impedance, phase an isolation specification. By setting internal jumper, it can be converted into 50Ω // 5µH variants that support standards such as CISPR 25, MIL-STD-461G, ISO11452-4 and ISO 7637-2. By adding an external 10F capacitor, the impedance will fulfil DO-160 specifications.

The LISN is inserted into the EUT’s (Equipment Under Test) supply line. Conducted noise at the EUT’s supply terminals can be monitored at the BNC connector with a spectrum analyzer or a measurement receiver. A 5µH inductor decouples the source (supply) terminal from the EUT terminal.

The use of two TBL05100-1 in conjunction with the Tekbox LISN Mate allows for the measurement of common mode and differential mode noise separately. The unit comes equipped with a BNC-male to N-male RG232 cable, mating connectors and ground brackets to attach it to a ground plane.

  • Topology: single path, configurable, 50Ω // 5µH + 1Ω, 50Ω // 5µH; the internal capacitor can be disconnected for ISO 7637-2 and DO-160 set ups; an external 10µF capacitor is available for DO-160; the LISN is factory setup to 50Ω // 5µH + 1Ω, other configurations require setting of an internal high current jumper
  • Supported standards: CISPR 16-1-2, CISPR 25, MIL-STD-461G, DO-160, ISO11452-4 and ISO 7637-2
  • Characterized frequency range: 10 kHz – 400 MHz
  • DC Resistance: < 5 mΩ Source+ to EUT+; < 5 mΩ Source- to EUT-
  • Maximum current: 100A; see plot with heat up characteristics, chapter 8
  • Nominal operating voltage range: 0 – 250V AC/DC;
  • Component ratings: 350V AC, 50/60 Hz; 1000V DC
  • High current plug / screw terminals; male: Phoenix Contact 1762741, female: Phoenix Contact 1762592; 2 pcs female terminal blocks are supplied as default accessories
  • Jumper: Harwin D3087-98
  • Dimensions: 300 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm
  • Weight: 2.7 kg

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