EMTEST PowerWave 250

Power source

PowerWave is a high power, electronically controlled power sources suitable for applications where exceptional performance is required. Electric Vehicle testing according ECE R10 PowerWave is the ideal source to supply your EMC chamber and conducted test area with the power that is needed. It combines AC and DC in a compact footprint and allows charging in Mode 3 (AC) and Mode 4 (DC). With an additionally required charging station simulator (i.e. Comemso EVCA) various charging standards like Chademo, GB/T, CCS and Tesla are covered. The adjustable output configurations, 1000Hz bandwidth and flexible on-board waveform generator allow PowerWave to simulate various grid configurations (single, split and three phase) and generate power anomalies. This includes frequency variations, phase shifts, phase unbalance, voltage variations and disturbances (i.e. flat-curve, harmonics, interharmonics etc.). These are ready to use in a large library with pre-programmed tests - included in the net.control software. EV High Voltage Component Testing PowerWave is the perfect fit to test high voltage components up to 1500 VDC, i.e. electric drives, batteries and auxiliary components. It can not only be used as constant voltage source, but covers with its 1250 / ms slew rate challenging tests such as voltage variation and dynamics (i.e. ISO 21498, LV123, MBN 11123, VW 80300 and similar). PowerWave is a fully bi-directional source with 100% source /sink capabilites. This allows testing of electric drive systems in motor and generator mode as well as charging and discharging of HV batteries. The included power recovery function reduces dissipated heat and energy consumption. Other applications covered - grid simulator for solar inverter or charging station testing - high power avionics & military component testing

  • 250 kVA/kW, upgradeable to 1 MVA / 1MW
  • EV full vehicle testing ECE R10
  • EV high voltage component testing
  • 1500 VDC / 1000 A and 360 VAC / 236 A
  • 4-quadrant operation with 100% source/sink and power recovery
  • 1000 Hz bandwidth & 1250 V/ms slew rate
  • remote control and extensive test library

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