GW-Instek AEL-5000 AC/DC Last

AC/DC-Last mit bis zu 22.5kW im Einzel und bis zu 540kW im Parallelbetrieb

GW Instek launches 20 models of the AEL-5000 series AC/DC electronic loads depending on the power range. The power range of a single unit is from 1875W to 22500W, and up to 8 units can be connected in parallel. The maximum power of single-phase parallel connection can reach 180kW, and the total power of 3-phase can reach 540kW, which are suitable for UPS, Inverter/Breaker, AC Power Source, Battery, Fuse/Breaker, DC Power Source and other applications.

The AEL-5000 series has built-in precision measurement circuits such as 16-bit A/D and DSP to provide accurate measurement items, which include voltage root mean square value (Vrms), current root mean square value (Arms), and watt value (Watt), volt-ampere (VA), crest factor (CF), power factor (PF), total harmonic distortion (THD), voltage total harmonic distortion (VTHD), current total harmonic distortion (ITHD) , peak current (Ipeak), maximum current (Amax), minimum current (Amin), maximum voltage (Vmax), minimum voltage (Vmin), time measurement. In addition, built-in test modes include UPS Efficiency, PV Inverter Efficiency, UPS Back-up time, Battery Discharge time, UPS transfer time, Fuse/Breaker Trip/Non-Trip, short circuit simulation, OCP, OPP and other test modes.

The AEL-5000 series has the Turbo mode (ON or OFF can be selected) design, which can increase the current and power of the electronic load by 2 times in one second. For test applications that require transient high power and large current such as transient overload test of protective components or short circuit of Fuse/Breaker and AC power supply, OCP and OPP tests etc.. The Turbo mode provides the most economical solution.

The AEL-5000 series also supports the Load On startup function (pre-set Load On). When the inverter or uninterruptible power supply is turned on, the series directly loads the set load current to verify that whether startup of the inverter or uninterrupted power supply connecting to the electrical appliance is stable. At the same time, the Load On start function can also set positive half cycle or negative half load to verify whether the output voltage of the inverter or uninterruptible power supply remains stable when the actual electrical appliance only has a positive half cycle or negative half cycle load current. Control load angle and unload angle can also be set (range 0~359 degrees) to verify the stability of the transient response of the inverter or uninterruptible power supply when the appliance is plugged in and unplugged. In addition, the series also supports SCR/TRIAC current phase modulation waveform, 90 degree Trailing Edge and Leading Edge settings.

For the application of the adjustable bandwidth (BW) function, when the bandwidth of the DUT does not match the bandwidth of the AEL-5000 series, there will be oscillations. Users can reduce the BW setting value accordingly to meet the response speed of the DUT. Inrush Current verifies whether the transient response of the inverter output voltage is stable when the electrical appliance is turned on (Inrush Current) and when the electrical appliance is suddenly connected (Surge Current).

The entire series of AEL-5000 provides over-voltage warning, over-current, over-power, and over-temperature protection. Analog Input terminal can control constant current, constant power and other working modes through external voltage. Vmonitor/Imonitor terminal is used to connect external voltage/current monitoring device. In addition, a variety of optional control interfaces are provided such as GPIB, RS-232, USB, and LAN to meet the needs of system integration.

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