EMTEST Compact NX7

IEC61000-4-4, 4-5, 4-8 Generator for Burst, Surge & Power Fail up to 7 kV

The compact Next Generation NX7 is the most versatile tester to address transient and power fail requirements for both international and commercial standards. Featuring an easy-to-use color touch screen, the NX7 provides an economical solution for pre-compliance immunity testing as well as full-compliance testing and CE Marking. Its internal single-phase Coupling/Decoupling Network (CDN) can be extended for testing three-phase EUTs by means of an automatically controlled external CDN up to 200 A per phase. AMETEK CTS supplies a large range of accessories for various applications such as magnetic field tests and more.

  • Smallest compact generator with 7" touch screen
  • Burst 5.5 kV, Surge & Ringwave 7.0 kV, Power Fail and Telecom 7.0 kV
  • Selective test library adapted to the EUT setting
  • Built-in single phase CDN
  • Manual front panel operation with setup pictures
  • Separate key for START/STOP operation with LED
  • Monitor outputs for peak voltage and current
  • Opto-Link, Ethernet and USB for remote control


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Surge Burst E- Mobility
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