EMTEST Automotive DC Magnetic Field Kits

DC Magnetic Fields A recent trend, now supported in ISO 11452-8 is to perform immunity tests using DC magnetic fields. As DC magnetic fields can not be measured in the traditional way, a Hall sensor must be used for verification. Precise positioning is extremely critical for accurate measurements, so a low-ferrous-content tripod assembly is provided for the sensor. No single coil can provide all four test levels, so these kits are provided with two coils easch. Available in Helmholtz and radiated loop variants.

  • Guaranteed field strength 30 to 4000 A/m
  • Fulfills ISO 11452-8 Level I - IV
  • Includes Hall sensor, stand and two coils
  • For DC magnetic fields according to ISO 11452-8
  • Fully integrated in autowave.control for ease-of-use

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