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AFV-P series Takes a Great Leap Forward with Major Upgrade

AFV-P series Takes a Great Leap Forward with Major Upgrade 

Preen has launched the upgraded AFV-P series programmable AC power source, offering advanced features and outstanding performance at a competitive price. Capable of providing output frequency up to 2000Hz and boast significant improvements in efficiency and measurement, this AC power source targets a range of industries, such as Aerospace, Military, New Energy, EV, Smart Lighting, and more.

AFV-P series Takes a Great Leap Forward with Major Upgrade 

With an output of 0-310V (opt. 620V, 1240V) and 5-2000Hz, the new AFV-P series unlocks a broader range of applications from Electro Luminescent Panel to Electrical Components of Aerospace & Defense, and more. 

∎ Electro Luminescent Panel

Most Electro Luminescent Panels achieve optimal performance within the frequency range of 50-2000Hz, as this range produces optimal luminous efficacy. By using the AFV-P series, users can power Electro Luminescent Panels and control the luminous intensity and brightness of the panels through adjusting the output voltage and frequency of AFV-P series.

∎ Using Low-frequency Starting Motors

Low-frequency starting motors offer greater stability compared to high-frequency starting, as it reduces the motor's speed, lowers the load resistance, decreases current and effectively suppresses the starting current. This not only prevents damage to circuits and equipment but also extends the lifespan. The AFV-P series provides low-frequency output for starting motors, allowing users to precisely control the motor's speed by adjusting the output voltage and frequency after startup.

∎ Electrical Components of Aerospace & Defense

Electrical Components of Aerospace & Defense require precise testing to ensure they can operate properly at different frequencies and voltages. Users can simulate different frequency electromagnetic interference signals through the AFV-P series.

AFV-P series can simulate 2000Hz, 115V electromagnetic interference signals, testing Aerospace & Defense electronical components that face varying frequencies and intensities of interference during operation. By simulating the  accurate interference signals, the AFV-P series ensures the proper functioning of these electronic components.

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