Tabor 9250

30MHz-40Vpp Differential/Dual-Channel Signal Amplifier

  • Large signal bandwidth to 15 MHz
  • Small signal bandwidth to 30 MHz
  • High amplitude to 40Vp-p (into high impedance)
  • Slew rate to 200V/µs
  • Low distortion
  • Custom Configuration of: Gain, Input impedance, Output impedance, Output configuration

Input Characteristics

The inputs to the amplifiers be configured to match different source impedance such as 50Ω, 75Ω, or 1MΩ and the outputs can be configured to match different load impedances such as 50Ω, 75Ω, or 600Ω. There are three inputs for each channel:

Output Characteristics

The outputs are located on the front panel. There are two outputs, one for each channel. When the 9250 is configured as two separate amplifiers, the outputs generate amplified signals within the range of 40Vp-p into open circuit or 20Vp-p into matching load impedance. The bandwidth of the outputs is around 20MHz for large signals. Small signal bandwidth can reach 50MHz.

Instrument Configuration

The 9250 can be configured as a differential amplifier. In this case, the channel 2 input is disabled and channel 1 input is amplified and distributed differentially to both outputs. In this case, channel 1 output generates in-phase signal while channel 2 outputs an inverted signal that has exactly 180 phase offset to the normal output. Full amplitude and bandwidth is preserved when the 9250 operates in differential mode. The output impedance of the differential outputs is modified to 25Ω, 37.5Ω, or 300Ω for differential drive of 50Ω, 75Ω, or 600Ω loads. Using the differential mode, the 9250 does not sacrifice accuracy, nor does it sacrifice bandwidth.


The 9250 has two additional inputs for each channel allowing summation of two signals and providing an external control of DC level offset. These inputs are accessible from the rear panel only.

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